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Faux Fur This Christmas!

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Faux fur has been dominating in the design trends of 2018. Here we will show you how to embrace and incorporate this trend into your home and winter events.

Adding faux fur is all about adding texture and a cozy feel to your space. Here are some examples on where to use them this holiday season.

Under The Christmas Tree

We just love this look! Adding a sheepskin to you Christmas Tree is a great way to soften it's look. Here you can play with layering and adding different textures that will work towards your theme.

Ikea is a great place to get the sheepskins for this look. You don't want spend to much on something that may well be ruined by tree sap.

Your basket doesn't just have to be a brown wicker one. This can be a great opportunity to had different textures and colours to suit your personal style or Christmas Theme. Take a look at the examples below to feel some inspiration.

Norway Style Dining

Don't forget about your dining area. Adding fur to your benches or chairs, adds comfort and warmth, while you have an amazing meal and wine.

Always Pillows and Throws

By far the best way to bring fur into your space is comfy and cozy pillows and throws. Mix the fur text with big cable nit textures or rich velvets.



2018 Hayley Moore Creative direction of Whyte Wolf Event Styling and Design